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UK LIterary Tours

Cultural tours in all their different forms have been our forte for many years. Europe's rich cultural heritage has been exported worldwide and therefore it is not surprising that visitors from abroad travel here wishing to experience it at first hand.


Literary clubs, museums, historical societies, alumni associations, are just some of the typical organisations for whom we have operated cultural programmes.

Literary Tours

The idea of the "literary pilgrimage" is tried and tested. It appeals to readers of books of all kinds and also to the very substantial new audiences generated by the showing of film and TV adaptations of well-known novels.

Of course there are many English authors of world renown but the rest of Europe too can boast a multitude of famous literary names such as Dante, Goethe, Moliere, Balzac, Kafka, and Cervantes.

A literary tour can be based around a single author, such as Jane Austen, with visits planned not only to places where the author lived and worked, but also to sites which feature in her novels.

Another way is to cast a net a little wider and focus on a particular literary movement or genre - for instance the Romantic poets of England's Lake District (Wordsworth, Coleridge and their followers) or Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group. Children's authors too, and the places featured in their books can make a very enjoyable tour itinerary - Lewis Caroll and J.K Rowling are just two who spring to mind.

Further exciting tour opportunities are provided by the journeys - real or imagined - taken by great writers, such as Boswell & Johnson in the Western Isles of Scotland, Henry James' 'Little Tour of France' or the Italian locations of Shakespeare's plays.

TV & Film locations are also increasingly popular as theme around which to base a tour.