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Religion & Pilgrimage Tours

Over the years we have operated tours for many different religious denominations and groups. These can feature visits to main religious centres, significant historic sites and places of pilgrimage.


We can organise link-ups with sister churches from around Europe and, given sufficient warning, audiences with the Pope and other important religious figures.


Many of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites are located in Europe. Some of these sites have attracted visitors from around the world for over 1000 years. Many of them still attract pilgrims from all over the world in large numbers.

In the footsteps of....
Many very successful tours have followed in the steps of important religious leaders and teachers such as Martin Luther, John Wesley and Joan of Arc.

Religious Festivals and Anniversaries

Similarly, tours can incorporate great religious events such as the Pope's Easter Sunday blessing at St Peters Basilica in Rome, milestones such as the ten yearly Oberammergau Passion Play (the next will be held in 2010), or  commemoration of the anniversaries of important religious figures.