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Some of Europes Music Festivals

Read below for more information about some of the great Music festivals that Europe has to offer.


Prague Spring International Music Festival - (May/June)

The Prague Spring International Music Festival is one of the great post-war festivals and, like Edinburgh, has become a must-see. Fittingly, for a city steeped in such musical history, the festival has always majored on native composers, and the traditional opener is that great nationalist Bohemian musical statement, Má Vlast (My Country) by Smetana, the father of Czech music.

Glyndebourne Opera Festival – England – (May to August)

Glyndebourne is known and loved for its distinctive mixture of top-class opera and al fresco dining in the extended interval that allows audiences to picnic around the house's extensive lawns and garden. The festival recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Stars of the White Nights - St Petersburg (May – mid-July)

This festival of performing arts takes place at the Mariinsky theatre, home of the celebrated Kirov Opera and Ballet. With its world-class programme of concerts, it is a must for ballet, opera and classical music lovers. The festival derives its name from the short summer season when the sun never sets, and the beauty of these white nights contributes to the festival's special atmosphere.

Verona Opera Festival - (June/August)

The unique Roman amphitheatre at the heart of Verona is the site of a series of open-air opera performances. The festival is the highlight of Verona's summer calendar and one of the most famous Italian cultural must-sees. The amphitheatre, which seats around 22,000 spectators at a time, provides a dramatic backdrop and fantastic acoustics for all the performances held there.

London Promenade Season - (July to September)

Founded in 1895 by Sir Henry Wood, the Proms concerts at the Royal Albert Hall take over London's classical musical calendar every summer and, with some justification, can claim to be the greatest classical music festival in the world.

Salzburg Festival - (July/August)

The annual Salzburg summer festival brings together the highest calibre of classical music artists for five weeks of concerts and opera throughout the beautiful Alpine city. Salzburg is also the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose music always forms a major part of the celebration..

The Edinburgh Festival - (August)

The Edinburgh International Festival grows in popularity each year. The festival proper presents classical music, theatre, opera and dance in six major theatres and concert halls and a number of smaller venues in Edinburgh over a three-week period in late summer each year.

Vienna Ball Season - (Dec - March)

The Vienna Balls are seen as the epitome of glamour and decadence. A great highlight of the winter season, they stretch from New Year's Eve to early March - the traditional opener is the Kaiserball (Imperial Ball) at the Hofburg Palace.