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Agricultural & Farm Tours

One industry sector with which we have a great deal of experience is farming and agriculture. Since our earliest days farming and agricultural tours have been one of our core activities.

Pathfinders has been providing travel services for the farming community for over 60 years. A knowledge of modern agricultural practices throughout Europe together with a large network of agricultural contacts throughout most major European countries means that we ability to put together highly sophisticated agricultural tours.

We can produce a wide range of itineraries covering most of Europe, which would be custom-made for you, reflecting the special interests of the group. Our wide ranging contacts and knowledge of the subject enables us to match closely clients' needs with a good value and interesting itinerary.

Many groups are visiting Europe for a particular reason, perhaps an important agricultural show or event such as Agritechnica in Hannover or SIMA in Paris. Europe has a wide selection of these types of events that take place throughout the year. We have first hand knowledge of many of these and we are happy to incorporate these either as a main focus of a tour or as a component of a more extensive itinerary.

If you are interested in bringing a group on a farm tour to Europe, send us an email with a brief outline of what you require, including estimated group size, length of trip, intended destinations, preferred standard of hotel, purpose of visit and any other relevant details and we will send you a prompt reply.